FAQ (Frequent Asked Question)

How long should it take to capture a standard webpage?

The processing time depends on several parameters :

  • webpage length : size of the page, number and size of the images and scripts of the page you are capturing
  • captured website availability

Usually a capture should take between 5-20 seconds to generate. But sometimes it may be a bit longer!

I captured an URL, but all I get is a blank page. What went wrong?

Please note that urlcapt.com will not follow Meta-Refresh-Redirects. If you use such forms of redirects, only the redirect page itself (usually a blank page or a page with very little content) will get captured.

The generated image does not not match exactly with the website!!

  • A few HTML 5 and CSS 3 features are not handled by urlcapt.com for the moment, we are working on improving the output.
  • Our service currently waits 2 seconds before capturing an URL after the page is loaded. Some websites contain animations or asynchronous JS loading displayed more than 2 seconds after page load, therefore they are not captured by urlcapt.com. You will be able to increase this 2 seconds delay on the future.

I am not able to copy text or follow links on PDF captures. Why is that?!

Urlcapt.com has been designed to generate url pictures looking exactly like the website you are visiting on your favorite browser. If you want to generate a printable PDF of a website you can do it directly with your browser.<br\> However you will be able to generate rich PDF captures in the future, but as a drawback the rendering will not be exactly what you see with your browser.